A Bit Of Australian History

I have lived in Australia since 1989. There is so much to learn about this wonderful county.

The Australian Coat Of Arms

A lesson for me today is : Look forward to the future, stop living in the past.

Another lesson I learnt today: I never knew the States of Australia all have their own Coat of Arms


Your Body Your Temple.

Until you become an adult it is the responsibility of your parents to care for you holistically- physical, mental, social and spiritual.

When you become an adult it’s over to you. Yes that’s right. It’s your choice.

I am not perfect by any means. At 70 I am still trying to do my best to look after me. What I do believe is My body is my temple.

I will cut to the chase as to why I am writing this post today.

At 3am yesterday my son’s partner died suddenly. For privacy I cannot use her real name so I will call her Marg.

Marg at 45 years of age has now passed on. Several weeks ago Marg complained of sore legs and being short of breath. Marg chose not to make an appointment to see a doctor.

Marg since her early 20’s had been grossly overweight, unhealthy dietary intake, regular use of alcohol, daily smoking, little exercise…..an unhealthy lifestyle. Please dont think I am criticizing, I am just saying how it was.

On Sunday at 3am while getting ready to go to work Marg walked into the lounge, told my son ‘I can’t breath, then immediately collapsed and died. Sadly could not be revived.

Shock horror to everyone. Marg will be sadly missed by all. REST IN PEACE MARG.

Life is precious. There are no guarantees in life.

Sorry for the rant.

I guess this is part of my way of dealing with grief.

My lesson from the death of Marg is to take better care of my TEMPLE.

Vertigo …nasty

This morning I had the start of another episode of vertigo. Fortunately I had some Stemetil to take which helped.

I had to see the physiotherapist for ongoing treatment of arthritis in hip and knee. I mentioned about the vertigo so we decided to concentrate on that today.

I will gladly share the printed information about vertigo and recommended exercises.

Sunday’s Subject

For my current art project while still learning to sketch human faces I have chosen to sketch an 88 year old gentleman friend. I am working from a photo. Because my friend has white hair, moustache and beard I am thinking maybe I should have drawn on black paper. I am constantly reminding myself that this is a learning exercise so I must not stress. I am enjoying myself.

A Sketch of Me !

I am learning about facial features. This week’s lesson was to look in a mirror and sketch what I see. I ended up taking a selfie and printed it in black and white.

This is what I sketched today, more fine tuning needed, especially shading. Thank goodness I don’t have Prince Charles ears 😃..havent learnt to draw ears as yet, next week I think.

PS: It’s a really bonus to me when my online art tutor tells me ‘well done’ and that I have captured many subtleties. He said nothing to worry about, it’s a learning exercise and will get better. I did tell him that I was worried about submitting my drawing.

Exercise At Home

Due to reoccurring episodes of vertigo I decided to sell my treadmill because I didn’t feel safe on it and also because it was taking up too much room in my seniors studio accommodation.

I still have the option of getting outside and going for a walk when we are not in Lockdown.

There are days when I don’t go out of the unit but still need to keep on the move.

I watch tv most days. Shopping channels can be dangerous. I got sucked in after seeing several encores of a home exercise promotion. Yesterday my Ellipto Maxx Robotic Training Cycle arrived at my place.

No assembly needed, only had to put batteries in the remote control.

Plug into power supply, sit down and relax while you exercise.

I can sit here at night while watching TV and still be on the move 😂.

PS: This is not an ad for the machine.

Take Time To Smell The Roses.

I have an 87 year old friend that is learning how to use his new cell phone.

This morning he took a photo and sent it to me in the hope that it worked.

What a lovely surprise to receive these beautiful roses.

There is a history behind these roses.

Several years ago my friend decided to build a dam in a plot of land quite close to his house. Unfortunately the idea was a disaster, wouldn’t contain the water and left a soggy boggy mess which attracted mosquitoes big time.

He decided to refill the area without the expense of paying someone. He advertised for truck loads of waste land fill from building sites to be delivered free. After months of waiting he finally got the land fill rocks soil etc that he needed. Unfortunately the trucks couldn’t get access to the dam so he had to cart wheel barrow loads from where it was dumped.

At this stage of the saga I should tell you that this dear soul had been cleared of bladder cancer for two years. A few months ago he started peeing blood and getting clots. Finally went back for scans which showed the cancer had returned, still within the bladder. The medical team decided no chemo, no treatment only palliative care, in other words now not treatable 😢.

Back to filling the dam story. After many weeks of tedious back breaking hard work on his own the hole from the dam was finally filled.

My friend then decided to turn this vacant plot into a rose garden. In preparation he located a poultry farm nearby and managed to get trailer loads of manure.

The roses were finally planted and growing well. I haven’t been able to visit the rose garden and my friend because of the pandemic and also because he lives in Victoria and I live in Queensland .

This dear man lives alone and usually declines home help. A few months ago when the Covid-19 hit Australia he was offered Meals On Wheels for several weeks free, fortunately that has been extended.

The bladder cancer is not going away, the peeing of blood and clots continue. The palliative care nurse makes an occasional visit. He feels weak and exhausted, claims not to have any pain. Has been advised to visit the hospital if the blood clots block the urinary track system.

My friend is not giving up. He plays cards with friends a twice a week and also croquet. He loves telling stories like I do and is currently rewriting stories and putting them onto USB sticks to leave for his family.

Don’t give up.

Take time to smell the roses 🌹💐🙂