Fruity Loaf at Ally’s Castle

My friend gave me this old recipe from a Family Circle Magazine.

I have adapted it to suit my taste.

First of all I soaked 225g of mixed fruit in cold tea overnight

I then followed the recipe and added flour, sugar and beaten egg in that order. I also put in a dash of almond and vanilla essences.

Definitely no butter or oil required, trust me it works.

Note: My kitchen scales are not working so I winged it so to speak.

I had previously prepared a loaf tin, lined with baking paper.

Once spooned into the loaf tin I sprinkled over some walnuts.

Cook in a preheated 180 oven for one hour or until cooked.

It turned out really well. Moist and quite sweet. Next time I will measure accurately and maybe put slightly less sugar in it. ( Tomorrow I am shouting myself a new digital kitchen scale…budget one).

It looks a tad overbaked, but really it wasn’t.

Of course I had to do the taste test….delicious 😋😋😋

Flat Pack Christmas Tree at Ally’s Castle

No I haven’t been to IKEA 😂

Several years ago I bought a flat pack Christmas Tree. It’s been packed and unpacked several times. I finally got the motivation to do something with it.

Getting it’s first paint

All painted but needs a some decorations

Still needs more enhancement

Now I think it’s ready for the shelf, a tad rustic and that’s how I like it.

It kinda looks like Christmas at my place 🎄🍒.

Christmas Cake at Ally’s Castle

Here’s the recipe from the Edmonds Sure To Rise Cookery Book New Zealand. I shared this recipe last year, it’s tried and tested and really works, I ❤ love it.

I grew up using this wonderful cook book. I made the Ginger Ale Fruit Cake last year, gluten and preservative free, it was a real hit.

Fruit was soaked in ginger ale overnight. I compromised and put less dates in and topped it up with apricots.

I lined the tin using baking paper, was restricted on height because I used my bench top breville oven.

I mixed all the ingredients according to the recipe, real easy to do. I then carefully spooned the mixture into the tin. I placed a few walnuts on top.

Placed in a preheated oven 140 degrees for 3 hours.

When it had for cooked 2 hours 40 minutes I tested it with a skewer, it came out clean so I turned off the oven and left it there.

This morning I removed it from the tin and wrapped it tightly in cling film and tin foil. Because of heat wave temps here the cake is stored in the fridge. I have done this for years and it’s fine.

Sorry I can’t show you the inside of the cake, it is a gift to my darling son and family. I normally cut about 1/4 of it for me but this year I have enough dried fruit left over to make a smaller one for me.

Wild Tomato Plant Attacked

Shock horror today to find worm bugs had attacked my tomatoes .

The plant had been given a real bashing from the hail a few weeks ago but was managing to survive in parts.

Because part of the plant was dying I decided to rescue tomatoes that the worm bug hadn’t got to and then put the plant out and start again.

I managed to save few, washed them, dried in a tea towel.

I will put them in a paper bag and place in a warm spot to ripen up. If not successful it’s no big deal because I can buy punnets of cherry tomatoes for under $4.00.

Christmas Cake Prep

I usually have the cake made by late October. This morning I finally got around to the first step. Soak the mixed fruit in ginger ale overnight in a warm place. No problem finding a warm place because it is 30 degrees Celsius plus here in Brisbane.

I could eat it just as it is.

Water Droplets

My first attempt at drawing water droplets. I think they resemble little stones. It’s after 11pm so I had better try and get some sleep. Tomorrow I will try again….I will get this right 🤣