Challenge Completed

I set myself an art challenge. I needed to stop procrastinating and complete the painting before February 10th.

It would be the first time I have painted on a canvas larger than 30X30cm, the canvas board I used was 40X50CM.

I needed to overcome fear. The fear of making a mess of the painting. I didn’t stress and just got it done.

I have overcome my fear plus completed it before the deadline.

The Painting is my impression of Lake Tekapo South Island New Zealand and The Church of The Good Shepherd.

I had painted it to suit my needs. It had to include snow capped mountains, the lake, the church and lupins. I am not good at drawing buildings and have never attempted lupins until now.

I am pleased with my effort and the end result. I now need to budget to have a frame build round it and also hire a handyman to install a picture hook on my brick wall. ….. all that will have to wait until after my impending holiday.

My latest challenge—update, last update February 4th

I have been procrastinating about painting a scene on a large canvas board. I worry about getting the proportions and colours right.

I decided it had to be done before I depart for my holiday on February 11th.

This morning I took the plunge and got stuck into it.

I saved the subject photo as a screen saver on my computer

I did about 5 art classes early 2019. Since then it has been self directed learning and getting some tips from fellow bloggers and of course the internet. I have to remind myself that I am not a professional painter and cannot expect perfection. I also have to remind myself that my painting does not have to be exactly the same as the photo and I am allowed to adapt it to suit myself. Self Expression.

Here is my painting so far

I am happy with this. While this is drying I will practice drawing the church on scraps of paper. The snow and bushes will be easy to do.

February 3rd…I have been working on the painting off and on today. Still a bit more do with bushes etc and some fine details on the church.

I will finish it by the end of this week.

Masterpiece finished. It might look a tad too busy and a bit out of proportion but it’s for my pleasure and I like it.

Technology Can Be A Headache.

I recently received an email from WordPress checking on personal details.

I needed to change my personal residential address……what a headache.

The system sent me to places I wasn’t looking for, even suggested I might be looking for a job…..No I am not.

I was sending the support team a question asking for help, the message went to a fellow blogger….sorry about that my friend.

What a relief I finally achieved what I set out to do.

You Are Being Watched

I am planning a summer holiday.

I googled ‘budget flights’ to my intended destination.

For the last few days I have been bombarded with flight suggestions to places I did not intend to visit. Also cheap deals and when you click to look there are no cheap deals left.

My flights are booked. You will have to wait a few weeks to find out more.

I am so excited 🙂🛩