WordPress Subscription

Hello WordPress Friends

I haven’t been active for a while mainly due to laziness.

My yearly subscription is due real soon. I don’t understand about the need for ‘Domain ‘. I have previously been paying for this, is it necessary, do I really need it ? I am on the aged pension and definitely need to tighten up my budget.

I will appreciate your thoughts and helpful advice thank you .

Also what is this ‘Jackpack powered ‘ thing?

I realise now it’s an app. Has anyone installed it and if so what do you think ?

Treats at Ally’s Castle

Apart from special occasions I don’t do much baking. Today I made an Anzac Slice and Air fried Apple Slices.

ANZAC stands for Australia New Zealand Army Corps. Tomorrow is ÀNZAC Day.

I didn’t have any chocolate chips so I compromised and used Turkish Delight Chocolate, chopped it up. I am not expecting any visitors until next June so my stash should last me a few days. I found the recipe on Mr Google.

Air fried Apple Slices with a sprinkle of cinnamon.
A healthy snack

PS: It was Cherry Ripe Chocolate I used not Turkish Delight 🙂.

I Am Planning A Holiday

Hello my friendly blogger friends. I am planning an international holiday in September 2023.

This is my plan: Depart Brisbane , fly to Hong Kong and stay there for 2 nights and do some sightseeing tours. Board a cruise ship that will sail to Brisbane Sept 5th – 21st. Day excursions include Nha Trang, Ho Chi Minh City Singapore, Lombok and Darwin.

I need to make up my mind and secure my cruise ship booking by next Tuesday..April 19th.

I have all these questions running through my mind. I will be 73 , I will be a solo traveller, what about Covid, what about my safety ? What about the weather ? What about the monsoon season ?

I am fully vaccinated. I have previously travelled solo and never had a problem.

My son said to think seriously about it, but he didn’t say don’t do it Mum. I think my son is worried about my two nights in Hong Kong. My close friend said ‘I’m sure you will enjoy yourself.

I would be grateful and appreciate any comments you might have. I am limited to a tight budget, cruising is economical and I do have a passion for it.

Life Is Precious.

Yesterday my dearest friend passed away peacefully after an illness. It was sad but a happy release.

Rest In Peace Geoff ❤.

In a few days I will write and share my personal thoughts about my beloved friend.

Even though there are many tears I am ok.