Naming Day at Ally’s Castle

A few years while attending a craft show I learnt how to decorate hollow Plaster Paris Animals. I think I used mod podge and tissue paper.

Last weekend my 6 year old grandson Zakoby discovered the delicate ornaments.

Zakoby wanted to know what were their names. I hadn’t named them.

Zakoby proudly named them.

Harry the Dog

Trunky the Elephant

Jim the Cat.

31 years ago Zakoby’s dad gave me the Cats by the Pool for mother’s day, he was 11.

Beautiful memories and treasures.

Decluttering at Ally’s Castle – UPDATED 30/04/2021

I have decided its time to get rid of STUFF I really don’t need or rarely use in my kitchen.

All this stuff plus more came out of one cupboard …hard to believe but it really did 😂.

It came out of a corner cupboard that I struggle to access.

I plan to try and sell stuff and also donate.

I haven’t used these glass serving plates for about four years.

I also need to sort out food supplies such as spices and tinned items….thats only one cupboard…. there are several .

Please wish me luck 😂

PS: I no longer want to belong to the Hoarders Club 😂

UPDATED 30/04/2021

I hired a professional kitchen organiser for two hours today. Her task was to organise my kitchen and make it user friendly for me. She did an excellent job, even had a stock of useful gadgets in her car.

What different a bit of help does. My cupboards are a joy to open, I can see what is in there now 😂👍

Two gadgets from her car were spinning turntables which I now have oils, vinegar, herbs and spices in.

I was very strict on myself ,got rid of appliances and storage containers they I no longer use. My hired help took them all to a charity shop for me. Some items I kept here and have advertised them on the local marketplace.

I am feeling blessed and contented.

Time Flys

I can hardly believe I started blogging with WordPress 3 years ago.

Thank you everyone for your encouragement, support, comments, love and kindness ❤ xo

Family Tree

I have started doing the Family Tree.

I would imagine plenty of other people have done their family tree.

My question is “how did you record it ?”

– keep the record on the internet, save on an USB

– put it all on a massive big chart

– record separate branches of the tree in albums .

I would appreciate any ideas please.

Ally’s Day Out

St Patrick’s Day 17th March 2021.Last Wednesday night I created a blog ‘A Bit of Craic’, published it, then something went horribly wrong, couldn’t fix it and had to trash it.17th March I went on a Seniors Bus Trip with Cross Country Tours. Left home at 8am and hopped onto to the tour bus at 8.30am. The weather was wet and miserable.We travelled from Brisbane towards the Sunshine Coast. About 10am we stopped at a park in a little country town ( might have been at Beerwah), found a covered area and had morning tea.We then travelled through a delightful country town called Buderim.At 11.30am we arrived at Coolum which has a coastal location.Our venue was Coolum Beach Hotel. The rain didn’t stop for anyone, we managed to get inside without getting drenched. ☔🙂.There were two hundred of us for the function, 4 tour buses and also a charter bus.The hotel was decorated up for St Patrick’s day. I managed to sit at the of a table, better than being squashed in, and of course no social distancing.I met new people and made new friends for the day, who knows I might see them again on another day out.The next photo is me sitting there relaxed, amused and totally entertained.The next few photos brought a smile to my faceThen came the lunch yum yum yum Beef and Guinness Pie with mash 😋The function ended at 2pm . Prior to leaving we all stood up and sang Danny Boy. I had a wonderful day out.

Imaginary Friend

I started off my latest art project with a sketch of an elderly man. I then got stuck…a road block….couldnt work out how to colour white hair and white facial hair on white paper

I then decided to use some coloured pencils and also pastels just for the purpose of practice and below is the end result….my imaginary new friend. To be honest I really like this new friend.

This is the elderly man that I really want to do a portrait of. Any suggestions would be appreciated thanks.

A Bit Of Australian History

I have lived in Australia since 1989. There is so much to learn about this wonderful county.

The Australian Coat Of Arms

A lesson for me today is : Look forward to the future, stop living in the past.

Another lesson I learnt today: I never knew the States of Australia all have their own Coat of Arms


Your Body Your Temple.

Until you become an adult it is the responsibility of your parents to care for you holistically- physical, mental, social and spiritual.

When you become an adult it’s over to you. Yes that’s right. It’s your choice.

I am not perfect by any means. At 70 I am still trying to do my best to look after me. What I do believe is My body is my temple.

I will cut to the chase as to why I am writing this post today.

At 3am yesterday my son’s partner died suddenly. For privacy I cannot use her real name so I will call her Marg.

Marg at 45 years of age has now passed on. Several weeks ago Marg complained of sore legs and being short of breath. Marg chose not to make an appointment to see a doctor.

Marg since her early 20’s had been grossly overweight, unhealthy dietary intake, regular use of alcohol, daily smoking, little exercise… unhealthy lifestyle. Please dont think I am criticizing, I am just saying how it was.

On Sunday at 3am while getting ready to go to work Marg walked into the lounge, told my son ‘I can’t breath, then immediately collapsed and died. Sadly could not be revived.

Shock horror to everyone. Marg will be sadly missed by all. REST IN PEACE MARG.

Life is precious. There are no guarantees in life.

Sorry for the rant.

I guess this is part of my way of dealing with grief.

My lesson from the death of Marg is to take better care of my TEMPLE.