A Few Of My Favourite Things

Sunday breakfast , lunch, dinner or a snack at the local cafe. I sit there at least once a week, enjoy myself and watch the world go by, what could be better.

Me 2020

Fish and Chips. I am a Kiwi living in Australia. According to the Australians I say “Fush n Chups”.

Fish and Chips

Thatched Roofed Houses on Escape To The Country. Nealy every Saturday night I watch Escape To The Country on TV. Some of the potential property buyers irritate the life out of me but I still love the program.

Escape to the Country

Lupins – yes I know they are considered to be a weed. They are growing at my special place Lake Tekapo in the Mackenzie Country of New Zealand. The colours are divine, I love them.


John Denver was and still is my favourite artist. His beautiful songs bring so much happiness to me in the dark and light times. When I was younger people would say I looked like John Denver.


Guitars. Music brings so much comfort to me. I developed a passion for guitars at an early age. At 15 when I started work I bought my first guitar and started going to lessons. There is something about a stringed instrument, I just adore the sound of them, plus you can sing along as you play. I have still got a guitar, even though I don’t regularly play it. I keep it there to pluck a few cords whenever I get the urge.


There are numerous other things I like, the above are my top picks.

I should add that my regular passions are art and writing. I have published one book and I am learning to draw and paint, might master it by the time I get to 100. …wow what an achievement that would be 1🙂.

What are your favourite things, what brings joy, happiness and comfort to you ?

Chakra drawing – Update

Today I am fighting a headache and another episode of vertigo but not as bad as last week.I have been wanting to draw a Chakra picture, managed a practice one today.Drawn free hand, used soft pastels.The body is not really in proportion but I love the 7 colours that I used.He/She is sitting there meditating and thinking self slim.I have ordered a set of Chakra Stencils that I can use when I draw the next one. The stencils will be used for the 7 Chakra characters that will be placed on the colourful dots down the body.I enhanced the above picture but only very slightly. I am happy with it the way it is. It is now looking good on the wall 😀

I will still do another one when the chakra stencils arrive.

My New Food Prep Gadget

I am not an impulsive spontaneous buyer.

On the TV there have been numerous ads for a Sumo Slicer. After seeing the ad several times I decided to purchase one. You get two for the price of one, a couple of bonus gifts and the guarantee return policy.

I am happy with the product. The second one was gifted to my son and daughter-in-law for Christmas.

The funny thing is my brother who lives in Christchurch New Zealand phoned today to inform me that he had bought a Nutrislicer for $30 at the local shops. It does the same as mine. The other funny thing is I was using mine when he phoned me 😂.

Today I used the grater for Onion, Carrot and Zuchinni. I also used the slicer for Carrot and Zuchinni. The grated and sliced vegetables are now in sealed containers in the fridge ready to use later in the week.

Today I made Vegetable Friiters for a healthy lunch.

I put some of the grated carrot, zucchini and onion in a bowl (enough for one) , added one egg, a sprinkle of flour, pepper and salt and some lemon grass. Mixed it all together. I heated a pan to a medium heat, added a dash of olive oil and then added the fritter mixture. I cooked the fritters for about 3-4 minutes on each side until golden brown.

Delicious and so healthy.