Treats at Ally’s Castle

Apart from special occasions I don’t do much baking. Today I made an Anzac Slice and Air fried Apple Slices.

ANZAC stands for Australia New Zealand Army Corps. Tomorrow is ÀNZAC Day.

I didn’t have any chocolate chips so I compromised and used Turkish Delight Chocolate, chopped it up. I am not expecting any visitors until next June so my stash should last me a few days. I found the recipe on Mr Google.

Air fried Apple Slices with a sprinkle of cinnamon.
A healthy snack

PS: It was Cherry Ripe Chocolate I used not Turkish Delight 🙂.

6 thoughts on “Treats at Ally’s Castle

    1. Hi Carol I hope your hubby likes it. I don’t digest apples well, the air fry idea was good and made them more digestible for me. I would usually buy Anzac Biscuits but I spotted the recipe for the slice, it’s really nice 🙂. I hope you enjoy it too xx

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