Decluttering Challenge Almost Done.

No response from the quotes I requested for professional help. I did make phone contact with another service , not available until Friday February 4th and the fee would be $100 per hour.

I couldn’t wait that long with all this clutter in my living area.

The cluttered

Work in progress

I decided to get stuck in and rest whenever I needed to. I threw several bags into the rubbish, made some donations to charity and sold a couple of items on marketplace. I only kept what I reckon I might need for art and craft.

My little storeroom is looking so much better. I can now walk in there and access items on the shelves. I plan to get some hooks on the wall to hang some bags.

In my living area I still have several boxes of photos and DVDs to sort through . Even though my back is saying ouch I am happy with my effort so far. Plus I have saved myself $$$ πŸ‘πŸ™‚.

Boxes of photos and DVD’s.

Months ago I bought these boxes for loose photos that haven’t made it to an album. That’s my task to do in the evening while watching TV.

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