Sunday’s Subject

For my current art project while still learning to sketch human faces I have chosen to sketch an 88 year old gentleman friend. I am working from a photo. Because my friend has white hair, moustache and beard I am thinking maybe I should have drawn on black paper. I am constantly reminding myself that this is a learning exercise so I must not stress. I am enjoying myself.

12 thoughts on “Sunday’s Subject

  1. Such a kind face:)
    Ally, I sent you an email, but maybe you don’t use that address anymore. Your name was chosen as the winner on my blog from among those who left comments in December. Please let me know through my contact page if you prefer a $5 Starbucks or Amazon e-gift card and to what email I should have that sent! Thanks again for visiting my blog! Becky

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    1. You’re right Christine he is a real character. His bladder cancer has returned aggressively, no chemotherapy this time, palliative care only. He lives way down in Victoria and I can’t get to visit him.


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