A Sketch of Me !

I am learning about facial features. This week’s lesson was to look in a mirror and sketch what I see. I ended up taking a selfie and printed it in black and white.

This is what I sketched today, more fine tuning needed, especially shading. Thank goodness I don’t have Prince Charles ears 😃..havent learnt to draw ears as yet, next week I think.

PS: It’s a really bonus to me when my online art tutor tells me ‘well done’ and that I have captured many subtleties. He said nothing to worry about, it’s a learning exercise and will get better. I did tell him that I was worried about submitting my drawing.

18 thoughts on “A Sketch of Me !

    1. You’re right it is self-fullfilling. It is also a conference builder because at 70 years of age I can still hear my father telling me ‘you are dumb and stupid, will always be that way so don’t even try’. I often look at his photo on the wall and say ‘you’re wrong Dad’ .


    1. Many thanks AOC for compliment. I am sure there are many constructions you can do that I would never attempt We all have different talents if that’s a way to term it, if we didn’t the world would be like a lop sided tree with all the branches hanging on one side.


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