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Months ago I mentioned that I had gone to a Seniors Art Class several times and that unfortunately came to an end due to relocating and health issues. I have continued to draw and paint at home here but feel I needed more. I did find an art class nearby that I was going to join , it is now closed due to the coronavirus.

There are numerous classes online. I recently did a free introduction which focused on direction, lines and curves. I decided to join , pay a reasonable fee so I could continue to learn. It also gives me a purpose and some structure.

The first 3 weeks of the paid lessons have been about the following:

Breaking down the drawing barriers, learning to see shapes, drawing without seeing, flipping our perception.

For the first lesson I needed to screw up a sheet of A4 paper, push a pencil through another sheet and on an other sheet draw the shapes that I could see on the screwed up sheet without seeing my actual drawing. It’s not as complicated as I have tried to explain it.

The second lesson was to pick a subject and draw that without seeing my actual drawing again. I chose a frog , the picture below was my third attempt. Sorry the photo is a but faint.

The third lesson was about ‘flipping our perception ‘. Pick a subject and draw it upside down , seeing this time. I chose two elephants.

I understand the purpose of the exercises in the lessons so far. I am enjoying it and look forward to the next lesson in 4 days.

12 thoughts on “Art Lessons Online

  1. This is great Ally! Just before the shut down I got myself a sketch book and pencils. Just been practicing making the vase facesโ€”pyrolettesโ€”left/right brain exercise. Youโ€™ve inspired me! Keep going.๐Ÿ™‚

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