One Pot Cooking at Ally’s Castle

Hi everyone I hope you are staying safe and keeping well.I often spend time watching cooking shows on TV and also the shopping channel (dangerous habit). I recently purchased yet another kitchen gadget, it’s a power saver and one pot cooking.Today I created Mac Cheese with onion and bacon.In this pot below I added onion, bacon, pasta, cheese, milk and water. Closed it up and turned on the power. I was too lazy to grate the cheese and probably added too much.25 minutes later the meal for one was cooked to perfection and so yummy.It’s not exactly a healthy every day meal but everything is alright in moderation.

17 thoughts on “One Pot Cooking at Ally’s Castle

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    1. Thank you for visiting my blog site and giving encouraging comments, very much appreciated. I enjoy cooking and trying out new healthy dishes.
      I visited your cookerytool website, you have some interesting gadgets. 👍🙂


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    1. There is no range hood in my rented unit. If I ever got one it would have to be a duckless version. The government housing might allow me to get one at my own expense but needs to be approved by them.


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