Santa Arrived Early at Ally’s Castle.

Buy your own Christmas present and then you get what you really need. Because I have a passion for art I decided to purchase an easel.

My Black French Box Easel arrived today. It also came with a free box of treasures worth $100.

Do I wait until Christmas….NO WAY…..

I live in a small one bedroom unit so I might need to rearrange a few things.

I was pleasantly surprised with the free treasure box

All good quality products and very useful.

Thank you Santa ❤😀🎨xo

20 thoughts on “Santa Arrived Early at Ally’s Castle.

  1. Oh wow, this looks like one impressive easel! Looks sturdy and practical and perfect for your artistic endeavours. Did you know it was arriving with all the freebies or was that a pleasant surprise? Enjoy finding a home for it all & have fun!
    Caz xx

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    1. Hi Caz I ordered the easel online from a company that I had previously purchased art gear. I did know about the freebies but didn’t know what would be in the box. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened it to find all items good quality and very useful. Finding a home for it might be a challenge, I will make sure I have fun
      Ally xx

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