DElONIX Regis (Poinciana)

The Poinciana is an iconic Brisbane tree. Beautiful displays of vibrant colour red through to orange flowering throughout summer.

This first photo I took last May or June

The next photos were taken this morning. These trees are all in the backyard where I live.

I picked up a sample of the flower that was on the ground.

I am feeling so blessed to have such beauty in my life.

Beautiful Jacarandas are also in flower. They are often seen to be lining the streets and people’s yards. When the flowers drop the grass and pathways become carpeted with the colour of purple…Looks divine.

19 thoughts on “DElONIX Regis (Poinciana)

    1. The circular garden and adornments were originally created by a former tenant who sadly passed away in 2018. The dear lady took her own life. Another tenant looks after that piece of garden in memory of her. This is a seniors social housing complex, I moved into my little studio 6 months ago…..there are many stories….I πŸ™‚

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    1. They are beautiful. I have just added another photo…Jacaranda . I got that photo through Google, some of the local streets and people’s yards are lined with this amazing tree, the flowers carpet the lawns and pathways…simply amazing .

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      1. Cherry blossoms and magnolia are lovely, I would imagine the beautiful perfumes as well as lovely colours. The Poinciana where I live don’t appear to give a nice perfume.


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