Country Landscape

Country landscape waiting for the poppies to appear.

Yesterday I learnt to draw poppies. The challenge today is how to draw some on my country landscape. This subject is a gift for a friend who asked me to paint it for him.

I just had a light bulb moment. I reckon I could use a chalk marker to sketch on the poppies. I am going to the shops on Monday where there a good craft shop. I am open to suggestions please 🌝

42 thoughts on “Country Landscape

  1. How about getting a hard plastic divider (used in binders) ? Draw/trace the outline of a poppy flower , cut up the floral image, put the plastic divider over your canvas and start painting an actual poppy flower within the cut-up floral outline., not worrying over any paint mess since the sides of the plastic will take up the paint and not the canvas.Once you are done, you can lift the plastic film and let the rest of your painting dry. Poppies remind me of Remembrance Day(Nov 11) in honor of the war vets.

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    1. Thank you that’s a brilliant idea. I have got plenty of old hard plastic binders that I could use. I will try it out on scape paper and see how it goes and will let you know. πŸŒπŸŒΊπŸ¦‹πŸŽ¨πŸ–Ό

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      1. YES! I do see it! Wonderful! Added tip—in the future, use 1 paper weight on each side of the plastic divider so the divider will not jiggle and risk the paint/coloring to swim as you are finishing the painting.


      2. Thank you. I didnt use a plastic divider. I had my painting taped to the art board with masking tape and I drew the poppies freehand. I am referring to the bottom painting. I am not worried about the top painting.

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    1. Thanks. I enjoyed creating that landscape. It’s now completed and on the wall at my friend’s place. Fortunately I do have a photo of it so I can paint one for myself. 1πŸ™‚


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