Poppies Developing

Sketched in pencil …. still learning. I might add more poppies in the distance and maybe some yellow flowers and then colour it with aryclic paint.

I hope to make it as bright as the photo below.

19 thoughts on “Poppies Developing

      1. I drew that picture yesterday from my imagination. A friend requested a picture with a field of poppies. I really only started learning to draw last February. I was going to a class but then had to stop because of my eyes, lucky for me one eye has been fixed now.

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      2. No it didn’t hurt.They put in drops to numb the eye, they removed the natural faulty lens and put in an artificial lens. I go back for review in about 2-3weeks from now and hopefully will get a booking for the left eye to be done.

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      3. Awake in the whole surgery…? Wow, I can not even imagine!
        Well, I am so sorry, but I don’t believe in the concept of countries. I consider myself as a magical creature living in a magical world called Cygnet… In Earth, I live in the northern half, where it is autumn.
        I am so sorry again, and I hope I hadn’t disappointed you. ):

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