I Am Planning A Holiday

Hello my friendly blogger friends. I am planning an international holiday in September 2023.

This is my plan: Depart Brisbane , fly to Hong Kong and stay there for 2 nights and do some sightseeing tours. Board a cruise ship that will sail to Brisbane Sept 5th – 21st. Day excursions include Nha Trang, Ho Chi Minh City Singapore, Lombok and Darwin.

I need to make up my mind and secure my cruise ship booking by next Tuesday..April 19th.

I have all these questions running through my mind. I will be 73 , I will be a solo traveller, what about Covid, what about my safety ? What about the weather ? What about the monsoon season ?

I am fully vaccinated. I have previously travelled solo and never had a problem.

My son said to think seriously about it, but he didn’t say don’t do it Mum. I think my son is worried about my two nights in Hong Kong. My close friend said ‘I’m sure you will enjoy yourself.

I would be grateful and appreciate any comments you might have. I am limited to a tight budget, cruising is economical and I do have a passion for it.

19 thoughts on “I Am Planning A Holiday

  1. I think your heart is in the cruise. COVID might only be the hindering factor. You will be on a ship for a few weeks so moving around may be limited. Flying to Hongkong is great if you are into good cuisine and fantastic shopping(especially if you want knockoffs of designer brands). Monsoon season in Hongkong beleve is around June-Sept. COVID again could be everywhere even on a plane. Pandemic precautions need to be practiced and make sure you have contactinfo with you if you run into anything healthwise.

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  2. I think you should speak to you Doctor and carry some emergency medications.
    But take a mask and enjoy yourself. You could get run over by a bus crossing the street.
    Take risks but make them calculated ones.

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    1. Thank you for responding to my holiday plan. I have decided to take the risk, life is too short to sit around and do nothing. My Doctor will definitely supply me with emergency medications with a covering letter.


  3. We went to Florida this winter for 3. 5 months. We wore our masks in places like stores where we would be near other people. I think you can do this. And if not now then ….when? I am 72 and in June will be 73. I feel I must take advantage of any opportunities now while I can.

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    1. Hi Anne thankyou for your encouraging message and for sharing about your stay in Florida. I will be 73 on September 1st 2023. I plan to arrive in Hong Kong on September 2nd. I now have 16 months to prepare for my exciting adventure.

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    1. As much as I love cruising I have changed my mind. I am now booked for a long distance train travel holiday here in Australia September 2023. These holidays are so popular you need to book about 12 months in advance. I chose September being the start of the spring season 🚄🚂🙂

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      1. In 2016 I trained on the Indian Pacific Train from Sydney to Perth. My 2023 trip will be on The Ghan Train , 3 nights travelling from Darwin to Adelaide, accommodation, meals, entertainment, and off Train excursions are all included. I agree trains are delightful, I love them 😍 ❤.

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