Pizza at Ally’s Castle

When you’re hanging out for Pizza, you can’t go out because it’s dark and not safe and you refuse to pay hefty delivery fees….you make your own.

I gathered up bits and pieces from the fridge .

Mixed Grain Wrap , tomato paste, baby spinach, beef and salami slices from the deli, red capsicum, cherry tomatoes and grated cheese. Bake at 210 c for 14 minutes.

Believe it or not that whole pizza is the evening meal for one person. ..definitely yummy and no nasties in it.

22 thoughts on “Pizza at Ally’s Castle

    1. Thanks Robbie. It is safe to go out during the day but not at night. I sold my car and now reply on public transport, no buses from my place after 6pm. In Queensland we are not currently in lockdown but do need to wear a mask if you can’t keep a distance of 1.5m from others…definitely on the bus and at the shops.

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      1. Thank you . We all need to take care of our health. I have been doing this healthy program for 12 weeks and for the first time in years my recent blood test results were excellent. I do need to lose about 20 kgs, it’s very slowly coming off mainly due to healthy eating. I only do incidental exercise, no marathons for me.


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