New Table at Ally’s Castle

I am so happy today. I have finally got myself a small dining set. My son and daughter-in-law are in Brisbane for 3 nights having a mini holiday. Today they took me to IKEA so I could by myself a small table and chairs. I had done my research, had a good idea what I wanted but I wasn’t prepared to buy the table until I had seen it and sat down at it. Even though I had a budget to stick to I really wanted a sturdy table not just for meals but also for my art and craft activities. IKEA is well known as the ‘flat pack store’.

We enjoyed meandering through IKEA. My 6 year old grandson bought himself a new dinosaur, he adores them.

My daughter-in-law got a new lamp so she can read a night and not have the main light on in the lounge.

We managed to fit all the flat packs x4 into the boot of the small car.

Back at my unit my son offered to assemble the flat packs. I am not permitted to put photos of my family on my blog site.

All assembled and looking great.

Many of you will know that IKEA is a Swedish Company. Guess what the dining set was made in China (no offence to China).

We christened the new dining table. The four of us enjoyed a lovely meal that I had prepared. Silverside with Mustard Sauce, crispy baked potatoes, carrots and peas, followed by raspberry jelly and fruit.

I am feeling grateful and totally blessed.

30 thoughts on “New Table at Ally’s Castle

    1. Thanks Joanna I am happy you liked my story. I always telling stories šŸ™‚. I have now got my sketching gear set up ready to start learning to draw faces šŸ˜ƒ. Have wonderful day.


  1. I love going to Ikea. I did take a chance during Lockdown and ordered a bed while my son was here top put it together; the mattress was exactly the same type as I had on another bed so I was happy with the end result.

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    1. That’s great you had a good experience with IKEA. Good to have family on hand to put it together. If my son wasn’t there to help I would have paid for delivery and assembly which have added at least $120 to the problem price of the table and chairs. šŸ™‚


    1. Thanks Steve. There are 3 stores in the Brisbane peripheral area. My nearest is 12.6km away. I can get there on 3 forms of public transport…bus -train-bus, 180 minutes of travel return trip. It would be a great day out. šŸ™‚

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      1. IKEA is putting a lot of traditional Italian furniture shops out of business. They sell high quality stuff but more and more people, especially young couples, can’t afford them….so they go for IKEA

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      2. So would I…. but my finances barely allow me to buy IKEA stuff….no big deal: I’ve got plenty of good friends in Scandinavia, they are great people….

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      3. It’s a blessing to have good friends. I was fortunate to have my son visiting. The two seater dining set cost me $157 which is a real bargain. If my son hadn’t been there to help I would have had to pay $65 for delivery and then about about $70 to have someone assemble the flat packs. My son lives 3 hours away over the border in another state. He went home yesterday just before Brisbane went into an emergency 3 day lock down….all Covid-19 related.

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