Back to sketching

Lately I have been quite slack with my art work. I am determined to work on my energy levels, motivation and build up my confidence.

I attempted drawing glasses.

One lesson was to draw horses heads from imagination and also at different angles. I did these sketches this morning, am happy with the result.

My last sketch today is a horse with a few more details.

Thats the end of horsing around.

My next lesson is when I start learning to draw a basic human head.

16 thoughts on “Back to sketching

    1. Happy New Year to you Carol, let’s hope it’s a good one.
      I spent 4 days over Christmas with my son and his family, we had a lovely time.
      Sketching is calming as long as I don’t stress over it. I have to remind myself ‘PROGRESS not Perfection.
      I put on 2kg 😒, need to get back to healthy eating and stop snacking, drink more water instead πŸ™‚x


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