Art Lessons Online -Week 6

Learning to draw eyes this week. It’s a lot of fun . I took a selfie and tried to draw my eyes and a funny nose …lol.I have ordered some really good coloured pencils….Prismacolour soft core pencils…highly recommended by my online tutor.A scary wild looking selfie to capture my eyes…. 😂

18 thoughts on “Art Lessons Online -Week 6

  1. Great drawing skills you have! My daughter has been doing some drawing lately and says eyes are her favorite to draw. We both love the prismacolor pencils. They are great for layering color onto the paper.

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    1. Thank you Sarah for your kind comments, much appreciated. My 48 yr old daughter sent me phots of horse eyes she through I might like to sketch. I am glad you love the prismacolour pencils good to get feedback, mine are due to arrive May 12th .


  2. Nice work here Ally. There are so many amazing resources online for just about anything. I enjoy watching sketching tutorials too. Anything art supply related really! Take good care!

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