My Irish Collection.

Even though my fairytale romance to the man originally from Ireland turned into a nightmare I have fond memories of my visits to Ireland.

I have a few souvenirs that I managed to save. I did have some cuddly leprechauns, I think my grandchildren now own them.

I thoroughly enjoyed my holidays in Ireland. My in-laws did take me sightseeing, I saw some amazing places.

My paternal grandfather was from County Armagh Northern Ireland. We did drive through that area but didn’t stop because my in-laws were from the South and still lived in fear because of the past terrorism between the Protestant and Catholic Faiths.

I found my favorite dream home

I fell in love with the country side in Ireland. I love little cottages with thatched roofs. Sorry the photo below is posted in sideways….I am using my cell phone and can’t work out how to rotate.

I did a lot of scrapbooking of my holidays. When visiting the Hill of Tara I felt a sense of peace and truly loved everything about it.

Below is a page from my travel book….The Hill of Tara.

That was just a glimpse of my travels. I actually travelled around the world in 38 days Christmas 2003.

25 thoughts on “My Irish Collection.

  1. Gorgeous memories to look back on! I spent a few days in Ireland this January. Dublin was fun and Galway so cute, but I also fell in love with the countryside on our three hour drive to the Cliffs of Moher. Decided I’ll go again, rent a car and do a road trip πŸ˜€ PS that house is just dreamy!!

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      1. I will put Stoke-on-Trent onto the itinerary…wishful list. I bought two lotto tickets for this week. I do not have an addiction to gambling , only sometimes buy a ticket x


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