Ally’s Flowers

Today I tried to draw flowers without a picture or a real flower to use as a guide.Looks more like a spider resting on a plate of red.A new species of blue and silver rose with a hint of pink.Another go at drawing a rose.Just a simple flower.More doodling

32 thoughts on “Ally’s Flowers

  1. Flowers are symbols of love and peace and your flowers looks good so the more you keep practicing the more you will get better and better and hey! Who knows that one day will be buying your flower pics at the gallery…

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  2. I would never have noticed the “spider” if you hadn’t pointed it out. πŸ™‚ Flowers are fun to draw. Whenever I start doodling, it’s almost always flowers. There’s so much to learn about them, too, when we look closely. I don’t worry about getting flowers too “perfect” as far as botany goes. I just enjoy drawing them. Have fun with your flowers!

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