Queenstown New Zealand.

My father was artistic. He usually did Oil Paintings. He would take photos and use them for his subject to paint.

This painting of Queenstown in New Zealand was done in the 1950s.

Maybe I developed my passion for art from my father.

18 thoughts on “Queenstown New Zealand.

  1. That is a fantastic painting Ally! Reminds me of my grandfather’s paintings. Unfortunately I don’t have any of them, they all went to other members of the family and there wasn’t enough to go around. I really like those mountains. They have a good 3D look to them.

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      1. Yes, you should definitely make good photo copies, preferably with a good file size so you have something you or your family can work with in the future. If ya’ll’s pics don’t come out like u like them, maybe checkout a nice scanner place, even places Ike Office Depot (or similar near your area) now often have large format scanner etc. And it’s nice you have some on your walls, that’s gotta be really special 😊

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