Sleep time

I used to have problems getting to sleep. Restless nights, the mind racing and refusing to switch off. I am not one for taking prescribed medicines. I have found that relaxation music and meditation is beneficial. I switch off my phone, digital radio etc. During the last six months I have been using essential oils. I use them in a diffuser where I add blends designed for relaxing and sleeping. I have also made up a roller ball bottle with a carrier oil such as sweet almond and have added drops of lavender and a sleep blend. I use the roller ball on my wrists, temples, back of neck and sometimes on the soles of my feet. I can truly recommend the use essential oils, they not only smell divine but are beneficial for my health. The other day I made up a small roller ball bottle with almond oil and sinus clear oil for my daughter who has an allergy to sulphates, anything with 220 in it, she gets massive migraines….hopefully this will help, time will time.

I also often use the diffuser during the day, its awesome, I love it.

Sleep time for me now.

14 thoughts on “Sleep time

  1. This sounds like a good idea. I’ve wondered about a diffuser before but I’m not sure as I’ve got breathing problems, and in helping with relaxation & sleep, I don’t want to end up suffocating πŸ˜‚I hope the roller ball you made for your daughter (such a lovely idea) helps her, too.
    Caz xx

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    1. Hi Caz thanks for reading and commenting. Essential Oils / Diffusers are safe and are very helpful for people with breathing problems. I just googled it, there is heaps of information and recommendations for which oils to use. Ally xx

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      1. The brand I use are ECO. We have a facebook page, many people write about how good the oils have been even with their children who have asthma. I would recommend trying a weaker blend to start with and then increase if you are comfortable with them. On google there are charts that give indication how many drops to use. πŸ™‚


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