Life Changes:

There are no guarantees in life.

You can make lots of plans for the future.  Sometimes the plans need to be postponed or cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances  such as health, finances, relationships, work etc.

Three years ago an optician told me that I had an early stage Cataract in my right eye. I wasn’t surprised because my mother had surgery for cataracts. The optician at the time said we will monitor it.

March 2018 I had moved to another location and had to see a new optician . He agreed that there was early evidence of a cataract developing and told there was nothing to worry about. I came away without being told to have it reviewed in 6 months and in actual fact there  follow-up was offered or recommended.

During the last 6-8 months I have been experiencing blurriness in the peripheral of both eyes. I have been cleaning my specs several times a day thinking that the blurriness might be because of dirty specs.  I have also been having issues with reading, watching TV and driving.

A couple of weeks ago I was meeting a friend for lunch.  As my friend was walking towards me her form was a definite blur, I was shocked.  We chatted about it and decided I should  get it checked out asap.

Last week I saw a new optician. We discussed my eyesight issues. I was given a comprehensive eye test, it was confirmed that both eyes have cataracts and need to be treated as soon as possible.  The optician has referred me to an eye specialist.

Unfortunately I am not in a private health fund and will need to be on public hospital waiting list. Meanwhile I need to accept that this happened and change some of my activities and plans.

Even though the optician said I could still drive for a few more months I don’t feel comfortable so I will use public transport.

Because  I have had problems with reading and focussing I decided to pull out of the Concordia Choir for now.  The good thing is I can join again next year.

I will continue with my art class for now.   I can now start to understand what life is like for people who are blind.  I am not presenting myself as ‘poor me’  I will continue to enjoy my life and have a positive attitude.


Enjoy life to the fullest and be thankful.


24 thoughts on “Life Changes:

  1. I too, have cataracts and still clean my glasses several times a day, hoping it will help. Here in the UK, they make you wait until some toffee- nosed specialist deems you ‘ready’… Hope this is soon, for I can barely see what I’m doing!

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    1. I am sorry to learn you are going through the same thing. Australian public system make you wait until you are almost blind before they will do anything. I did find a a couple of places that help elderly retired people but at a price – ranging from $990 – $2300 per eye… its not an option for me. Lets hope we can both it treated soon. 🙂

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      1. Sorry to hear of your challenges. The fact you’re remaining positive and can find humour is an inspiration, but it’s a worrying reflection on the state our national health care (at least in UK) is falling into.

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      2. Thanks for reading my blog and for your words of encouragement. The national health care here in Australia is stretched to the limit. I will give them credit and say that if its life or death you will be treated and won’t be on a waiting list. I cannot afford private health care. I will just adjust my lifestyle accordingly. The Power of Positive Thinking is best.


  2. Thanks for sharing your experience. Both of my parents had to deal with the removal of cataracts so I expect that I may be facing similar circumstances in the future. Best wishes and may God bless you with restored vision.

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  3. Mum has had cataracts in both eyes in the past. Not at the same time though. Mum had to have something done on the last eye she had previous done, only a few months after, when something else cropped up. A fresh lens was put in I think in the end. It was to do with that and I think something else, but mum fine since with her eyes.

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  4. It must be cataract season. At my bi-annual checkup just this January past, my ophthalmologist said I had a wee one brewing in my left eye, but it’ll be OK for the next two years … ahh the joys of a ‘mature’ existence! 😀

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