Ally’s Homework from Art Class

I have been to two beginners art class.  So far so good, it’s interesting and enjoyable.

I will show some work from the first class.

This exercise was all about ‘Mark Making’.  Sorry these  drawing are a tad light.

IMG_20190216_123001 (2)

This one is about Basic Shapes and Simple Drawings.

IMG_20190216_122957 (2)

More shapes. I definitely haven’t mastered faces, hands and feet……needing heaps more practise.

IMG_20190216_122947 (2)

We were given a copy of Picasso sketch of Igor Stravinsky. We were asked to draw a graph on the sketch, then draw a graph on a black sheet of paper , then turn them both upside down and create the picture. The tutor said if you cheat and do it the right way up he would know. One student did it both ways and the tutor was able to correctly pick which was which.


This picture is the start of my homework from the second class. It’s about perspective, light, dark, shadows etc.   Later today I am going to be sketching trees.

Just did the trees and decided to add some colour. That was all free hand.



29 thoughts on “Ally’s Homework from Art Class

    1. Thank you Robert for you compliment and thoughts. I have always had a passion for drawing and now have decided to take it further. I get so much enjoyment out of it. The tutor said ‘there are no rules and no need to stress’. Today I will practise drawing wine glasses , and tea sets.

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  1. I never took an art class, just cuz I didn’t wanna draw what I’m told to draw. I just wanna draw/paint/color what I’d like to, when my mood and imagination strikes me. Cuz too often, I’m not in the mood. The creative flow just ain’t in operation usually.

    Good for you for taking classes! Brave chick, you are.

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    1. I understand what you are saying. The art class is not happening anymore for me due to moving away from the area. I now just do my art at home whenever I feel the urge, it’s all my work and ideas. No stress and no pressure.

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    2. I went to about 6 classes which was a good start for me. There is numerous stuff on the internet with free instructions. I might go days without doing any art and then I will have binge at it which all depends what I doing and what interests me.

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