Define Yourself.


I have been bullied and put down most of my life. As a child I was told that I was dumb, ugly, stupid and would never amount to anything. I wasn’t given any positive encouragement.

As an adult I seem to attract people who would bully me as well.  I have struggled in life to achieve what I have so far.

It has taken me years to learn to recognise people who try to drag me down.    I now know that I am a worthwhile human being and have every right to enjoy my life, be loved, achieve great things and be happy.

49 thoughts on “Define Yourself.

  1. Wow Ally! That’s was so sad to know that you were a victim of bullying. So was I in Primary School which is elementary school in the Caribbean and also in Secondary School which is high school in the Caribbean lol I was told I’m so skinny and so many other things that just wasn’t good. But here I am today loving who I am in Jesus Christ and accepting myself. Who He wonderfully & fearfully created! Blessings and peace to you! You are loved, you are beautiful and you are lovely! Jesus loves you so much that He died for you to set you free from all sins! Much love! ❤

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    1. Amen! I was also bullied, mostly verbally, for even my name, Ana. They used to say, Ana-banana. I learned as I got older that these people are miserable with their own lives that only seek out to make others miserable too. Make them squeal by proving them wrong. Jesus loves me as I am, and my God given name is mine, and shouldn’t ever feel sadden by it.

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      1. People can be so horrible to others. Your’e right these people are miserable with their own lives, they have poor self esteem and treat others badly which makes them feel good., its all about ego.

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      2. Yes, what is it about the satisfaction of mistreating others?! I think we’ll never know unless we get to know them and get to know their journey. Most of which don’t come from being loved.


      3. My surname was Graham . The kids at school would call me a boy and also greyhounddog. My three siblings had issues , I would get bullied about them , even by one of the teachers. Anyway I stood my ground and proved them all wrong.

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      4. Ugh! Yes, unfortunately some teachers don’t help the situation either. I’m so glad we’re past that. Now it’s just different trials and tribulations but as adults we are more aware of when to walk away from a bad situation.


  2. I had similar experiences. Then I decided never to speak to a friend who used to bully me. It really hurt, but I think it was the best thing I ever did. A few years later I did the same thing with someone who bullied my partner but thought I would be her friend still. It’s hard to do, but worth it in the end.

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  3. I was bullied from a young age an as an adult I have bullied in one way or another and it hurts but I have changed how I deal with it. Writing and connecting with others on my blog has given me so much confidence. It has made the difference in how I see myself and I feel a lot stronger as a result. Thank you for the post

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  4. It’s bewildering that how many people have been bullied all over the world !!!…..
    But we must look to the positive side always…….As we see the life more closely through this way…..🙂🙂
    Hope you’re doing fine now… ❤❤

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  5. Hi Ally,
    Bullying marks a child’s spirit and defines for them who they think they are. I’m so sorry you had endured it. All too many do. It is no wonder when it becomes the yardstick for what to look for in people (not necessarily consciously) and what people seek (often consciously–as in bullies who are ‘attracted’ to the wounded as easy prey to satisfy their own needs for feeling superior, or sufficient, or worthy, only by putting someone else down). I’m glad you moved beyond it, and that you have in your life now people who see you for who you are — a human being worthy of dignity, respect, care, compassion, kindness, attention, and opportunity to be who you are, to err, and to repair. I hope it’s only easier sailing ahead–it certainly sounds like you’d done a lot of good for yourself AND others. Kudos to you! Na’ama

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