Feeling Blessed and loved

It was my birthday on September 1st.   My daughter Lori lives and works on a cattle station that is currently in a severe drought. Lori took the time to make this beautiful card for me which also included a voucher. ( It arrived yesterday).  With the voucher I bought myself a new spring top….I simply adore the colours which I couldn’t resist.  Lori knows that I like owls and often call myself a ‘night owl’ because when I cannot sleep I utilize the time to write. I do have a manuscript in progress – my autobiography.  So far I have written the first 20 years of my life but then I keep remembering more stuff and having to go back and add it in.  I might need to divide it into Book one, book two etc.

Have you written your memoir or an autobiography ?

13 thoughts on “Feeling Blessed and loved

  1. Happy Belated blessings beloved. Very thoughtful of your daughter. I have three spirit animals; blue whale, hummingbird and manatee. I started writing poems and notes when my kids were born. I’ve kept up the habit throughout the years and more so in the last nine years I’ve written rather extensively.

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