Out Of Hibernation

I am renowned for hibernating during the cooler months. Even more so over the past year because of the covid situation….forced into lockdown. Recently I was able to escape the four walls and go on a bus trip for the day to look at beautiful spring gardens. We travelled about 90 minutes west of Brisbane to Spring Bluff and then to Pittsworth. We visited an old railway station, a nursery and some private homes and had lunch at a hotel. I was able to take heaps of photos, some of which I will share with you. Sorry I can’t tell you the names of plants, just enjoy seeing the beautiful colours.

I hope you enjoyed seeing a few photos of spring time here in a couple of country towns in Queensland Australia.

22 thoughts on “Out Of Hibernation

    1. Carol I am pleased you like the spring pictures. It was an enjoyable day apart from motion sickness. I was sat near the back of the bus, had two frightening episodes while the bus was moving, settled when off the bus. My doctor has written a request that in future I be seated near the front of the bus. My next day trip is on October 14th, going on and a boat across to an island . I will write more after the event 🙂x

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      1. I did, Ally so sorry you suffered from motion sickness ….The boat trip sounds like it could be fun you should get some lovely pictures..I love boat trips…Have a lovely weekend Ally 🙂 xx

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