Keeping in Touch

Hello friends I hope you are all well and happy.

I haven’t posted anything for a while, even though I am retired life does seem to get busy.

I have been working on the Family Tree. I have recently been on a 5 night holiday here in Queensland, I will write about that soon and post some photos.

I have had my first Covid-19 Vaccination, minor side effects, second one is due August 5th.

My 5 year routine Colonoscopy is due, I have had the telephone assessment, am now waiting for the call which apparently will happen within the next 8 weeks . I am definitely not looking forward to that, it is a necessary preventative screening procedure.

I haven’t done any art work for several weeks, it’s probably more like months.

Yesterday I started another 12 week healthy eating plan. Total Wellbeing Diet created by the CSIRO. I got $50 discount, I am following the plan to the T and tracking everything I eat and drink.

It’s 8.30am I need some motivation and energy. I had better diffuse some essential oils.

Have a fantastic day everyone πŸ’• xo

7 thoughts on “Keeping in Touch

      1. I survived bowel cancer and I am still here 21 years later. I have a colostomy which is a very small price to pay for being alive. I hope your neighbour will be ok. Tell her my story and that may give her hope.

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      2. That’s good news Anne. I can remember as a student nurse teaching a lady how to manage a colostomy. Thankyou I will tell your story to my neighbour next time I see her, she is away staying with family just now. Another neighbour is having her scope today, as for me I am still waiting for the procedure date.


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