I Do Love To Be Beside The Seaside.

I recently needed to visit a government department. I discovered there was an office at Redcliffe so I made a morning appointment. My plan was to treat myself to some fresh sea air and fish and chips.

I don’t drive anymore . I travelled by two buses to get there, left home at 8.45am, was in Redcliffe by 10am.

After I arrived at Redcliffe I had 30 minutes to fill in. I had a look at the water front and spotted a good place for lunch.

I managed to take a few photos with my mobile. I will admit the first photo was one I found on the internet. . The second photo I took while in the bus going over the Hornibrock Bridge just prior to arriving at Redcliffe.

After my appointment ( I was updating my WILL) I headed to the cafe for an early lunch.

Yabbey Road has got good reviews. You sit out on the walkway, breathe in the sea air, listen to Beatles Music , wait for the food and watch the world go by.

I have been craving a real good feed of fish and chips for long enough. The meal arrived in the good old fashioned way, what more could you want.

Yummy yummy yummy. Cripsy Battered Cod, crunchy chips, mini potato scallops and a free pot of Mashed Peas.

I wasn’t disappointed it truly was delicious and definitely satisfied my craving.

After lunch I had time to walk across the road to the pier.

Lovely blue sky on a pleasant Autumn Day, forgot to pack a Sun hat.

I enjoyed my day by the seaside. I really must treat myself again soon.

15 thoughts on “I Do Love To Be Beside The Seaside.

  1. I would have enjoyed that visit, especially the fish and chips, those chips looked perfect. I see on the map there is a Margate – presumably named after our English Margate which is where my daughter and son-in-law now live.

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      1. Australia and New Zealand are relatively young countries. I was born in New Zealand, my heritage is from Ireland, Scotland and England. I am doing the family tree, it’s very interesting plus time consuming.

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    1. Hi Roberta is really was a lovely trip and now I know how easy it is to get there I will definitely do that again. I hope you get to have some yummy fish and chips. Covid is ok here at the moment but that could change at anytime, hopefully not.

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