A Bit Of Australian History

I have lived in Australia since 1989. There is so much to learn about this wonderful county.

The Australian Coat Of Arms

A lesson for me today is : Look forward to the future, stop living in the past.

Another lesson I learnt today: I never knew the States of Australia all have their own Coat of Arms


23 thoughts on “A Bit Of Australian History

      1. It was a fantastic trip and with a 2 year old and 4 year old it was amazing. We could all fit nicely into the rented campervan We went from Sydney to Melbourne, then across to Adelaide and up into the middle to visit the uncle of a friend on a 3 million acre sheep station where they had a team of Maoris sheering the 10,000 sheep. Then on to Perth and Fremantle and up the west coast to Broome and then Darwin . Then down to Alice Springs and Kings Canyon and Ayers Rock then back up to the north east and Kakadu and Cookstown. Back down the east coast and finishing in Sydney. Trip of a lifetime really. We all loved Australia.


  1. I’ve got 3 uncles in Australia and many cousins. My mother and my father went there several times. I have not visited Australia yet but, because it is so close to the Philippines, I might stretch my trip a little bit next time I go to the Philippines to include Australia

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  2. There is much strength in the words: look forward to the future. Being careful not to carry along our part burdens prepares us to see better in what lies ahead. Thanks for sharing some facts about Australia.

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