Face sketching

Drawing Faces…..basic proportions.

Progress not perfection.

Upcoming lessons are the skull, eye’s, lips, noses and ears..

Plenty to keep me occupied.

10 thoughts on “Face sketching

  1. Hello Ally, I like your portrait drawings. I can tell you love to draw. The next time you sketch the human face, try these 2 steps. They will help your proportions regardless of who you are sketching.
    For a frontal view, make the distance between the eyes the same as the length of the eye. Also, divide the space between the nostrils and chin line into 3 equal parts. Place the lip line (where the 2 lips meet, one third the distance under the nostrils. I hope this helps. Your drawings are very good.

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    1. Hello Sharon thank you for commenting on my face sketching and also for the helpful advice, much appreciated. I do love to draw, I am becoming quite passionate about it. I am starting to believe that face sketching is more difficult than painting a landscape 😃.
      Have a great day. Cheers Ally 🙂

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      1. Your welcome Ally, and you’re right, portrait drawing is more difficult, but always attainable. There are basics in proportion that when understood and practiced can make our art really beautiful and of course more believable. All that is needed is practice. I appreciate the art of others and I am always willing to help others with their art. I have a page on my site called Ask the Artist. It is under the title heading called Blog. Please feel free to visit me sometime. Art help is always free. Have a wonderful day, and keep drawing.

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