Sunday night meal at Ally’s Castle

Home cooked meal for one = $6.00

Salmon, potatoe wedges, mixed vegetables and haloumi. The only thing missing was a wedge of lemon. I did have a bottle of concentrated lemon in the fridge, a light drizzle of that worked well and some hemp oil.

I reckon you would pay big money for that meal at a local cafe.

20 thoughts on “Sunday night meal at Ally’s Castle

    1. One of my favorites too Charlie. I wouldn’t normally put haloumi on it but I fancied some. Natural yoghurt would go well. I made some dip today with natural yoghurt and cauliflower pickle…its yummy on cracker biscuits .

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  1. I love salmon, I could live on it, rotating an assortment of vegies, hadn’t thought of adding halloumi. Last time I had visitors ( no visitors for 2021 Lockdown ) we had it on Xmas Eve with baked courgettes ( zucchini ) roasted cherry tomatoes with garlic and mashed potatoes.

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    1. I can usually buy a two fillet pack of Salmon for $11.00. They are small fillets that suits me well. When you are on a pension you learn to budget wisely.
      Have a wonderful day….cheers 😃


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