Sketching in Lockdown

Today I started to learn to draw a human head. The lesson was to learn about the shape of the head and where to put eyes, nose ,ears and mouth.

This is my first practice page

Second page: Odd looking Bob is looking at Muriel with lust!!! Muriel is thinking she needs cosmetic surgery.

Tomorrow I will attempt this again.

I am having so much fun 😂😂😂

10 thoughts on “Sketching in Lockdown

    1. Thanks Christine for your good advice. My art lessons give instructions of how to divide the face into sections, I am also looking in magazines and family photos. Lessons coming up are how to draw the eyes, nose, ears and mouth. I am feeling well today so I will be back onto to it today 👂👃👄👀👍🙂xx


      1. Christine as trained artist when learning something new do you use scrap paper or use store bought sketching paper ? I have got A6, A5 and A4 sketching pads and visual diary….what would you recommend? Xx


      2. I used to draw on cheap sketchpad, the ones that are about A4 and A3. I chose the ring bound ones with floppy cardboard backs because they are cheap and you can fill them up. I used to use a drawing board behind them to stop them bending too much.. Or I even used printer paper. My mom used to bring me the sort with perforated edges home when I was a kid… Also don’t draw flat, prop the picture up on an easle. If you lay it flat you will find the image is longer because of foreshortening

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      3. Thanks Christine for your helpful advice. Yesterday I used printer paper taped on a board and even though I have the easel sitting there I did it flat. Today I will prop it on the easel. I just found an A3 visual art diary xx


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