The Weather Forecast

I have the Brisbane Weather Forecast app on my cell phone. The background photos change to compliment the weather. In Australia we are now enjoying my favourite season SPRING.

I really like the photos. I screen shot them so I could share with you. These shots were taken during the last 4 days.

The next photo was a photo displayed by Brisbane City Council celebrating spring.

18 thoughts on “The Weather Forecast

  1. Brisbane looks like a beautiful place! Here in Vancouver, we’re experiencing serious smoke from wildfires in Washington, Oregon & California. It’s 10 degrees hotter here than normal, and I’m looking forward to cooler, wetter Autumn weather. Enjoy your Spring, Ally!

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    1. I hope the wildfires settle. It’s amazing how are far the smoke travels. Definitely no good for people who s suffer with respiratory conditions. Fire season is already starting up again here, they are trying to prevent it happening by doing controlled backburning. Autumn weather brings some nice relief from the long hot summer. Stay safe and be well.

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    1. Thank you for reading my blog. Enjoy the rain in the UK. I regularly watch the UK program Escape To The Country, it’s often raining, the countryside is nice and green , I would love to visit there.


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