Cataract Surgery Completed

Last year in September I had cataract surgery to my right eye with good results.

Last week my name came up on the waiting list earlier than I expected for my left eye. The surgery was done two days ago.

I stayed overnight at a hotel with my son Andrew. We enjoyed a mini holiday together.

Early yesterday I had to visit the Eye Clinic to have the patch removed, start eye drops and have the eye examined by the surgeon.

The cornea had a astigmatism which meant it was shaped like a soccer ball instead of a basketball so that made the procedure more delicate. All good.

Back at home now relaxing. Two lots of eye drops four times a day for one month and then back to the clinic for review.

I am thankful and feeling blessed. I am looking to getting back to my online art lessons with better vision πŸ‘πŸ‘ πŸ‘πŸ™‚

39 thoughts on “Cataract Surgery Completed

  1. I have astigmatism too but I hadn’t thought of that with cataracts surgery. It’s fantastic to hear this went well, Ally – you’ll be bright eyed & able to see the beautiful world more clearly before you know it! Wishing you a smooth recovery lovely.

    Caz xx

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