Treats at Ally’s Castle

April 25th is ANZAC DAY here in Australia and New Zealand (Australia and New Zealand Army Corps)

I am a member of a local RSL (Returned and Services League).

I saw an advertisement by the Brownies selling packs of Anzac and Brownie Biscuits. With each pack the Brownies would donate $10 to the RSL.

I am not really a sweet fan but do like Anzac and Brownie Biscuits. I purchased a pack , it arrived yesterday and was beautifully packed.

Wow the display inside was lovely. I though it was just going to be biscuits but to my surprise each one was sitting on a slice of heaven, some topped with meringue and some with macaroons.

I tucked in straight away, yes they are sweet but truly delicious.

Because of the Coronavirus, self isolating and borders closed I cannot share these treats with my family and friends. I froze eight treats in an airtight container. This morning I gave one treat to a neighbour, she loved it.

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