Challenge Completed

I set myself an art challenge. I needed to stop procrastinating and complete the painting before February 10th.

It would be the first time I have painted on a canvas larger than 30X30cm, the canvas board I used was 40X50CM.

I needed to overcome fear. The fear of making a mess of the painting. I didn’t stress and just got it done.

I have overcome my fear plus completed it before the deadline.

The Painting is my impression of Lake Tekapo South Island New Zealand and The Church of The Good Shepherd.

I had painted it to suit my needs. It had to include snow capped mountains, the lake, the church and lupins. I am not good at drawing buildings and have never attempted lupins until now.

I am pleased with my effort and the end result. I now need to budget to have a frame build round it and also hire a handyman to install a picture hook on my brick wall. ….. all that will have to wait until after my impending holiday.

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