32 thoughts on “Happy Australia Day

      1. Great. Double celebration for you. I recall growing up in Philippines partaking of some good imported New Zealand milk. In one grade school program, my classmates and i had worn Maori costumes and dancing to the song Haere Mai.

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      1. You would have been mist welcome, we could have had cake, coffee and a good chat.
        When do you depart for your trip down under? I hope you have a safe trip and a wonderful time 🙂🦋🌻🌺✈

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      2. Ta mate. We leave in August and will spend most of August down under. We will be diving up in Cairns for about 1 week, then southward to the State of Victoria for the rest of our time. TH closest we will be to be you is the Northern Part of Victoria, up by the NSW border.

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    1. No fires too close to me, the nearest would have been about a 40 minute drive from the city. We were affected by a thick smoky haze for several weeks. . I live in close to the Brisbane CBD….I call it the concrete jungle.

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