Baby Animal Sketching

Those of you who follow my blogs will know that I am learning to draw.

Most afforable local art classes are booked out until 2020.

I found this bargain book at the newsagent.

I cannot find my tin of graphite pencils, still packed somewhere after my move 5 months ago. I had to make do with one HB pencil.

I enjoyed sketching 12 baby animals. Getting the right proportions was a challenge and also not having my good pencils for shading No worries as the saying goes here in Australia, I like them, I hope you do too.

Guess what I have ordered more pencils and also art paper.

My next challenge is to draw a dinosaur for my grandsons 5th birthday. I found some on Google which I have been using as a guideline to practice …..wish me luck.

Have a wonderful day everyone whatever you are doing.

37 thoughts on “Baby Animal Sketching

  1. I think you did great, Ally! 😍 I took several years of online art classes before I became more comfortable drawing. 😊 I think your grandson will love what you make him! You took the time to make him feel special and draw something he likes – a winner in my book! πŸ¦–

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    1. Hi Jill I appreciate your kind comments which is very encouraging. Koby absolutely adores dinosaurs. I plan to paint it on a canvas with acrylics. I notice there a lots of online art classes , I might consider subscribing to one. Earlier this year I was going to an art class, good social interaction for me, had to stop because I moved too far away. πŸŒπŸŽ¨πŸ–Ό.

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      1. Hi Ally, one of my favorite online teachers is Carla Sonheim. You can find her classes at She is the first online class I took and she makes learning to draw fun! If you want to get a feel for her teaching style, she does FREE summer online (week long) art classes that you can try (you can sign up for all of them if you’d like!). Carla also has an excellent book on drawing called, β€œDrawing Lab for Mixed-Media Artists.” You may be able to get this book at your local library. I will think about some other teachers I can recommend to you. πŸ’—πŸŽ¨

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      1. No if you draw a grid over your subject matter like a sudoku grid if you know what I mean, and one over where you are going to copy it to it can help working out where the lines are supposed to go. And if you want to make things bigger or smaller you can use it to scale up or down. I will try and do a post to explain.

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