Bus Stop Conversations…Updated.

Waiting at the Bus Interchange close to the Shopping Centre.

I always try to get there a few minutes earlier. The digital sign indicated that the 326 bus wouldn’t be arriving until 1.30pm, 15 minutes late. Oh well not to worry I will enjoy the sunshine, open up my pack of black jelly beans and check my phone.

Sitting on the seat by me is one elderly lady maybe in her 80’s, she has a walking frame and a hearing aid. I will name this lady Ms A.

Grandmother walking with a walker. Vector illustration

Along comes a young man promoting the Big Issue Magazine. apparently the sales help the unemployed and homeless. I said “not today thank and I wish you all the best”. The attached photo I found on google – thanks google. After researching in google I now know that selling the Big Issue is a paid job for the young man so next time I will purchase a copy of the magazine.


I then spoke to Ms A and said “He looks young and fit enough to look for a job”. Ms A replied “Finding employment for the young people these days is not easy”. She then went on to tell me stories about her grandchildren that were doing well for themselves. I gave my son and two granddaughters a good report.

A lady had sat on the other side of Ms A . I will call this lady Ms B who was probably also in her 80’s with a little extra padding like me.


She joined in the conversation. Her first comment was about her husbands old job working in a tyre production place in the UK there was dust and he developed emphysema. They then decided to move to Australia for clean air and a better life. The lady had what I call would classify as ‘Flight of Ideas’. The next few statements from her were not related to our conversation.

  • After arriving in Australia my husband wouldn’t use contraception. I ended up with three babies. Enough was enough so I divorced him
  • I trained as a RN
  • I had a triple by-pass surgery.
  • A man withdrew my shares and paid off my house, if he didn’t do that I would be homeless.
  • I don’t use town water because I have two tanks. I boil the tank water. They charge me $200 a quarter even though I don’t use their water.

Ms A sitting next to me said “Do you two know each other?”, I replied “No we have never met before”. She then turned to face me and try to ignore the lady doing all the talking who by the way continued to disclose.

I then suddenly had a hearing problem and decided to focus on the digital bus sign.

The 326 bus finally arrived. Ms A stood up to go on the same bus as me. We both said goodbye to Ms B

As we entered the bus I said to Ms A “well that was an interesting conversation”, she replied “it certainly was “.

Waiting at the bus stop is definitely entertaining and a great place to gain material for a writer.

PS: No offence was intended to the elderly in this blog.

10 thoughts on “Bus Stop Conversations…Updated.

  1. Can you even be a writer if you don’t use buses. What fun. Selling the Big Issue is a job. When I started buying it I found it a good read and understood more about how it works. Two of our big issue sellers have been really nice to chat to. But when I see a young fit man just sat on the pavement I think of all the young people from all over who have jobs in shops and restaurants etc so why on earth can’t this bloke get work, or at least sell Big Issue!

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  2. I have bought from Big Issue sellers in the past. It can be hard work, because they have to buy their papers, so they have to judge how may to buy, knowing they can sell all these, because if they don’t, then it’s a loss.
    This link will tell you more about how it works. https://www.bigissue.org.uk/our-vendors/vendor-conduct

    I knew a lot about how this worked through following Street Cat Bob and his owner James Bowen. He was homeless and he used to sell The Big Issue as well as busk, until he got where he is today.

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