Colours Of My Life

If you have been following my blogs you will know by now that I started going to a Senior’s Beginners Art Class nine weeks ago. So far we have used mediums such a graphite, charcoal ( but I havent tried that one yet), soft and oil pastels.

At the last class we were introduced to Watercolour Paints. There is a world of information out there about all the different brands of paints, brushes and the best type of paper etc to use with watercolours.

Three subjects to be completed for homework over the next fortnight were:

  1. Using the same colour paint and create 3 cubes lighter to darker
  2. Create your own Colour Wheel done in 12 segments which is part of learning about the relationship between colours  – Primary and Secondary Colours
  3. Then copy a scene which included mixing  colours.  Unfortunately the printed instructions given to us were missing parts of the picture , so I just painted what I could see.

Homework 1

Homework 2

Meanwhile on Face Book I came across an ad for Art2life Artists – Nicholas Wilton. He was offering for free – three instructional videos about getting started with art, it also included joining a closed community face book group.

I signed up, no hidden catches.  Over the last week I have watched the three videos and also have watched  some follow-up live interactive times to chat with the producer.

The three videos gave clear instructions / information about Design, Value and Colour. Personally I thought they were excellent value for me as a beginner. Others in the group who are professional artists thought the same.

I mentioned about the community group on face book. It has been somewhat overwhelming.  My news feed has been bombarded with posts of people’s art work.  I might say at first I felt inadequate but then had to remind myself that they also had to start somewhere and also this was never meant to be a comparison or competition with others.

I sometimes like a challenge so I recently asked my friend could I have a photo of her belated cat ‘Teddy’ as I would like to paint a picture for him.

Teddy was a beautiful loveable Burmese Blue Cat. Teddy is seen here sitting on my friend’s recliner.

Teddy and blankets (2)

To begin my challenge I have drawn a practise sketch of Teddy.  I am thinking of using acrylic paint on a canvas board slightly larger than A4 in size.

IMG_20190502_141156 (2)

The theme of this blog was ‘Colours of my life”.   My mind has been so busy with all this new exciting information going on in my head, sometimes having almost sleepless nights thinking about what colour should I use, what parts should I make loud or quiet.   Last night I decided to try to clear my head and get some sleep . I started off by using my diffuser with some essential oil  – dream.


I then put on a CD ‘Chakra Breathing Meditation’.  I have only ever listened to this CD a couple of times months ago. To my surprise the focus of the meditation was on breathing, focussing on specific areas of the body and you guessed it COLOURS.

Today I googled about Chakra Colours.

Last night I went off to bed about 10pm, woke briefly at 2am , back to sleep and didn’t wake up until 9am.  I never wake up that late . I slept well.

We all need colour in our lives.

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