You can’t erase the past:

I have been having a lazy day at home. The mind hasn’t been lazy it’s been thinking non stop. I am now 68 and often wonder where have all the years gone.  Numerous things have happened both good and bad.  I can choose to occupy myself thinking about the bad things and thinking ‘what if’  or I can accept what has happened. I will always have the memories but can’t erase the past.  If I get disturbing memories,  in my imagination I pick a left from a tree, place it in the stream and watch it float away.



We can learn from the past if we want to.  The past hasn’t all be been bad, I have had some wonderful memorable times which i will treasure for ever.

Erase 1.jpeg

I am blessed and contented with my life.

12 thoughts on “You can’t erase the past:

  1. I love the saying from AA in the promises that says “you will accept the past and not need to shut a door on it” the past contributes to who we are but there are so many different responses to that, that is where the creative power of our life comes in. I notice more now when I am being pulled back into the past and just let it go… Its taken a very long time to be able to not let it totally overwhelm me.

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  2. Wellsaid. There are times I have wanted to wipe the tape, The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind experience, I guess. But the good would go alongside the bad, and all our experiences have made us.

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  3. It can be hard to let go of the past, I think it’s natural to reminisce and focus on the bad stuff or the ‘what ifs’ and spend our time picking things apart, wondering where the time went. But you’re absolutely right. We can’t erase it. But we can come to a point of acceptance and learning and use those things to move us forward more contentedly. Lovely post xx

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