2019 Activities for a start ….

I am not one who makes New Year Resolutions.

I can’t say that 2018 was a wonderful year for me.   What I can say is I am looking forward to enjoying  good health and happiness in 2019.

I have enrolled in U3A  – A University of the Third Age . Learning for Leisure and Pleasure for Seniors.

It’s a place where you can learn new skills , make new friends, stimulate your mind and keep active.  There is a wide range of activities to choose from.

The activities I have chosen are :

  1. Art School – Beginners.  Two hour fortnightly classes.  Some of my readers already know that art is one of my passions.  The classes advance on to Intermediate, Advanced and Master Class.
  2. Choir.  I  love singing and wanted to join a choir. There are two choirs Kumbartcho Singers and Concordia Choir. Kumbartcho Singers cannot take on any more members just now because they go to Aged Care facilities to entertain and are restricted on room.  I was sad that I couldn’t join but there was another option the Concordia Choir which requires a basic audition.  I made the necessary enquiry and so far have been accepted for an audition on January 21st.  I have been in choirs at church in the past and also in a musical.  I didn’t tell them about karaoke because this choir is serious stuff and does four part harmony.  Apparently this year the Concordia Choir is going to be doing something different  – I will let you know when I find out.   I am so excited. The choir meets twice a month.

There are numerous other activities that I could have enquired about.  If the Art School goes well and I get accepted for the choir that will mean that I will be occupied for four days a month and each session is two hours.  That will leave me plenty of time to go to one-off activities and also the movies and lunch meetings with my bestie friend.




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