Release Emotional Stress.

During my life I have been faced with numerous stresses, anxiety and depression.   At 68 years of age I am still learning to deal with it and have been coping well . I had an upset today which I will share with you.

A few months ago I became friends with a couple on Face Book who I will refer to as Liz and Don.    Don is the father my granddaughters boyfriend.  I have never met Liz and Don, they live in another country.

Today Liz posted for the world to see that she wasnt feeling well.  Others had responded by saying things like ‘enjoy being looked after by your man, enjoy it while it lasts’ .  I wrote ‘I hope you get well real soon Liz  enjoy being pampered by Don …..I then added three laughing faces .

Live , Love and Laugh is my policy in life.

unfortunately I offended Liz.  She sent me a private message asking why I put three laughing faces and what had I heard about Don to do something like that. Liz went on to say that Don is a lovely kind caring man.

I responded by saying that I wasn’t  trying to offend and in fact was being kind to her, plus had never heard anything wrong about Don.   I told her that I considered the laughing faces to be happy faces.

Liz went on to post a statement about humiliating negative people and that they should be removed.

I started stressing and becoming anxious and had some tears.

I unfriended the couple from my Face Book contacts. There may have been a better way of dealing with it.  I gave myself a few hours to think about it before I unfriended the couple.





17 thoughts on “Release Emotional Stress.

  1. I totally understand where you are coming from. It’s an awkward situation to be in when you were being sincere but Liz took it the wrong way.

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  2. Sending much caring to you Ally. It’s so important to soothe yourself in times of emotional disturbance. Also, in case this is helpful, I have a spiritual teacher J-R who has 9 words of peace, which I use when I’m in conflict with someone. I’ve found it really helpful. They are, “I love you. God bless you. Peace, be still.”

    If you give them a go, let me know how you are doing (if you want to). My email is 💞

    Blessings, Debbie

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    1. Thank you Debbie for your caring words of comfort. I have copied down the 9 words of peace and also your email details. I do feel good today and don’t regret having to remove the people from the face book.
      God Bless you Debbie, Cheers Ally.

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  3. This is the thing that I really hate about social media – it’s so easy for good intentions to be misunderstood! If Liz was still stroppy after you explained, you did exactly the right thing in unfriending them. Don’t beat yourself up Ally :O) x

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    1. Thank you for your encouraging comments. I forgot to add on my blog that I also told Liz that I recently had surgery and was recovring. Liz chose to completely ignore that. I am feeling good about my decision to unfriend them. It does continue to amaze me how nasty some people are. I belong to an online gradening group….some people and thankfully not too many can’t stop themselves from criticising and putting people down. My saying is Live, Laugh, Love and Don’t Worry Be Happy. Have a fantastic day xo

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  4. Social media is a minefield. Fakebook, as my friend calls it, has its own rules which go beyond normal human interaction. And those emojis are a whole new ball game! Outright rudeness is not acceptable anywhere any time so you did the right thing. Don’t let it weigh you down, there’s plenty of wonderful people out there 🙂

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    1. I do belong to an online gardening group on the face book. I have noticed that some people do get irritated when people make suggestions about handy tips etc that they don’t agree with , others pull them into line. 🙂

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