Another Pizza at Ally’s Castle

A quick Sunday night meal for one. I had eggs for breakfast, beef dish for midday meal. I decided to make a vegetable pizza for tea.

Mixed Grain Wrap, tomato paste, baby spinach, chunky mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, extra tasty cheese.

Ready to be baked. Bake at 210c for 14 minutes.

All cooked. The wrap is slightly overcooked but nice and crunchy. Thoroughly enjoyable 😋

24 thoughts on “Another Pizza at Ally’s Castle

  1. Hi Ally…I can’t find your original recipe you sent me for your mums brownie biscuits but I did write it down…went to make them yesterday with Lily and noticed there was no flour did I miss it out..sigh or is no flour just the cocoa? Hope you are well xx

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