Friday Menu at Ally’s Castle

Breakfast: Peanut Butter & Berry Crumpet

Speedy Thai Beef Salad Bowl

Mexican Omelette
All these yummy meals were on my dietary plan for today. Easy and not expensive to make.

11 thoughts on “Friday Menu at Ally’s Castle

    1. I am following a dietary plan with CSIRO scientifically proven program. I haven’t lost much weight yet but the good thing is my recent blood tests were excellent, the best I have had in years. My limitation is minimal exercise due to nasty knee and back pain. X


    1. Thanks Carol. So far so good, it’s a great program. I have just signed up for another 12 weeks, got it at a reduced rate. I am liking the built in menu and tracking. You can free style as long as you stay within the suggested units. 🙂x

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