Art Lessons Online- Weeks 13 and 14

Negative and Positive Spaces:

Negative Space in art is the space around and between the subject. Negative Space is the background.

Positive Space in art refers to the main focus of a picture.

To understand the concept of a negative space we need to copy the outline of some objects

This exercise was not easy to do. Below is a screen shot of the tutors work, I am still trying to do it 😂. Sorry the photo is faint.

The next exercise would focus on the negative space, do some shading flip the drawing to see the result. I almost managed that but again I have shown you the tutors magical work.

The shaded and flipped over work

To honest I am finding these exercises quiet boring and tedious. I am looking forward to actually drawing a picture. I guess we all need to crawl before we can walk….lots of practice request. Progress not perfection.

8 thoughts on “Art Lessons Online- Weeks 13 and 14

  1. Learning anything can be tedious, but having the knowledge will be helpful in future. I’ve been watching something called ‘painting with Bob Ross’ May not be the actual title. Series by American artist in the 80’s? He does landscapes very quickly. I hate his style but it’s interesting to watch how he builds up layers. I tried painting a tiny canvas as I watched yesterday… Nightmare! Lol

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    1. The Joys of Painting with Bob Ross. I have watched him a few times, he has got some strange ideas but paints some amazing scenes. I haven’t tried painting along while watching. I have painted along while watching the Irish man Frank Clarke (he passed away a few years ago).


    1. I will hang in there. Last night I watched a 2 hour live portrait drawing program on the TV. It mentioned many of the concepts that I have been learning, it made sense to me 👍🙂


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