Bubble Wrap Doodling

Probably crazy but who cares. A few minutes ago I decided to see what bubble wrap would look like with it paint dabbled on it. A waste of good paint.

I am now trying to imagine what bubble wrap would look like with paint poured over it like they do on canvas I really must get a life 😂😂😂

Thanks to Becky’s great idea I dabbed it on paper and made an new design….corona isolation.

18 thoughts on “Bubble Wrap Doodling

  1. Thomas Edison had 1,000 experiments and trials before he invented the light bulb. He said that he learned 1,000 ways not to make such mistakes the next time while creating the light bulb.
    We will never learn something unless we try. Without trying, we will always wonder and regret not doing it. Creative art there,Ally! Very timely.

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      1. Me too! When I used to live in the Philippines, the inventor of the flourescent bulb is still alive up to now—Agapito Flores. The bulb was named in a way after his surname. That bulb is also used worldwide now.

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      2. Mr. Flores I believe made the long ,cylindrical ones. I guess with the passage of time, other folks modified only the SHAPE of the bulb but the filaments and the inner workings of that type of bulb remains the same. Think of those spiral ,curvy eco-bulbs we see nowadays. It is all in the shape. Mr. Flores, I believe ,based on what I know is either in his early 60s or mid-60’s in age. Yes, I would be thankful for such a bulb. Not a fire haard for sure.

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