Reminiscing .

Geoff and I are spiritual soul mates.

This photo was taken in 1985.

We met in 1985, became best mates. Unfortunately in 1989 we had to separate due to family circumstances.

In 2018  we found each other again. We live in different parts of Australia but that’s ok because we can chat and sms whenever we like.

The  photos below were taken at Geoff’s place when I visited in November 2018. We havent seen each other for 30’s years.

Richard Bach wrote:

If you love someone,set them free. If they come back they’re yours; if they don’t they never were.

I am truly blessed to have Geoff in my life again.

25 thoughts on “Reminiscing .

      1. So do you !!
        That picture is worth seeing it again and again as there is so much of love and charm for each other and never gave hope on each other 💗
        Simply loved it ma’am !!
        This was perfect , and I do believe in that quote u mentioned !!
        Wait is all we have & keep loving unconditionally and true

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