Christmas At Ally’s Castle

I hope everyone is enjoying this festive season 2019.

I spent Christmas Day at home. My daughter and her partner from the cattle station drove 3 hours to get here. They were running on time until they hit the busy roads in the city of Brisbane. Traffic all needed to slow down because there was an accident ahead. No serious injuries. They finally arrived at 1pm.

We start started off with coffee, cracker biscuits, cheese, and fruit.

We then unwrapped presents. Every year I say let’s not do presents but we do.

The main meal was planned for lunch because my daughter needed to get back to cattle station on the same day to tend to the cattle creek babies…two dogs and several horses and of course cattle.

The pet horse is Kahlua, a Buckskin five year old, she is a naughty and unpredictable, has a mind of her own but my daughter adores her regardless. Kahlua had to stay in her stable for the day because she has a weepy eye and also storms were predicted.(didn’t happen).

The Main Meal consisted of:

Prawns, Lobster Tails, Mixed Salad, Potato Salad, Salmon Pasta Salad and Curried Eggs.

Dessert: Mini Pavlovas, Fruit Salad, Brandy Snaps and Cream.

I am not permitted to show a photo of my guests but I will post a couple of me enjoying the day.

That’s the end of my Christmas Day Celebrations here in Brisbane Australia.

PS: It rained on the 24th and 25th which was a blessing, unfortunately no rain at the cattle station, they are in a severe drought.

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